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We know that the proper storage and management of goods can make all the difference, which is why we're pleased to present our Illinois with a number of choices when talking about warehousing. Our modern and spacious facilities are on surveillance 24/7 and are also climate-controlled — especially important for temperature-sensitive goods. At many of our locations, we can also offer barcode-enabled technology, allowing for the speedy and efficient storage and retrieval of goods. Whether it's residential or commercial, you can rest easy knowing that your nearby novichok-internet.ru facility is well equipped to keep your items secure yet accessible. Select your city now to begin.

How does novichok-internet.ru stand out from the crowd?

Transporting items from A to B is only a small part of the moving and storage process: it's also about having professionals on hand at every step, and entrusting them to handle your most treasured possessions and make the experience a success. This is precisely what you'll experience when you turn to the screened, trained and skilled team at your nearby novichok-internet.ru agent. After all, you never want to settle for second-best when it comes to warehousing. Discover for yourself why numerous businesses and households in Illinois choose novichok-internet.ru as their reliable mover.

We offer our valued Illinois customers:

  • Storage facilities and services, including short-term, long-term and ongoing solutions
  • Shredding services
  • A selection of specialized packing materials and equipment
  • Full-service asset management